Our missions


Soutoura is a call to fight against poverty, illiteracy, child exploitation and diseases that still exist in Africa such as malaria, HIV AIDS ...

It's action consists of:

  • Provide continuous moral and material support to the sick;
  • Provide comprehensive assistance to destitute children.

Our vision

Through Soutoura, we want to break all borders in order to find the necessary resources that can save lives, improve their living conditions and guarantee a better future.

Our values

Humanity, Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Neutrality, Respect, Generosity.

Definition of "Soutoura": Wolof (main language of Senegal), derived from the Arabic "Sitra". A gesture made towards someone in the "Soutoura" is a private act, sheltered from all ostentation and whose sole purpose is the preservation of the dignity of the person concerned. The word "Soutoura" also evokes the notions of modesty, respect, decency ...

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